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  • How To Be French

    Who hasn’t heard the phrase “Je ne sais quoi”… In French: “I don’t know what.” It seems pretty insignificant at first, until you see it printed on T-shirts, and you hear it used as some kind of magical/undefined quality a person may have.

  • Russian Music Legend Vladimir Vysotskii

    Russian Music Legend Vladimir Vysotskii

    Ahem. And now, I would like to present to you… the first of the Russian “bards,” the cornerstone of the anti-establishment movement in the Soviet Union, and the greatest musical legend Russia has ever know, Vladimir Vysotskii!

  • How to Fake French

    You’re going to France, how exciting! France, the land of wine, cheese, baguettes… Let’s just hope you remember that high school French! Let’s see… you know how to say, “je t’aime.” Well, that’s a start.

  • Inspired by Iceland

    Taken hold by wanderlust? Take a look at Iceland. Iceland’s awesome natural features (glaciers, geysers, and gorgeous mountains) combine with its unique culture to make it one of the best travel destinations for the adventurer.

  • What the French Are Saying About Americans

    The differences in French culture vs. American culture leads to stereotypes on both sides. We may be falling a little bit into the old clichés here, but a lot of French people may have those stereotypes in mind – consciously or unconsciously – when meeting Americans. What better way to break them than actually being…

  • Russia By Rail

    As the two major population centers in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are a world all their own. Yet there’s much more to this massive country than what is contained in these two centers.

  • Groom Like a Parisian

    French women have a refreshingly natural take on beauty and grooming. If you are planning a trip to Paris take a cue from one or all of these low maintenance beauty looks and groom like a Parisian.

  • Tomorrow’s Special Guest

    Tomorrow’s Special Guest

    Get ready! The ForeignIQ blog has something special planned for tomorrow… a guest blog post from Jennifer L. Scott, who will give us her take on how to fit in during your trip to Paris. Here’s a sneak peak!

  • Bicycles in Paris

    Wanna cycle away in the streets of Paris so that you can go back home not only speaking French but also showing off those sexy legs of yours? Or maybe you just want an easier way to travel through France’s beautiful capital city. Well, you can do that with Velib!

  • Nciku, Chinese dictionary and learning tool

    Nciku, Chinese dictionary and learning tool

    It’s no secret that learning all of those Chinese characters is a difficult task. Fortunately, there are online tools available that can help. Whether you’re new to Chinese and looking for a place to start, an intermediate learner who wants a bit of practice, or even an advanced learner just wanting to find the right…

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