Russia By Rail

As the two major population centers in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are a world all their own. Yet there’s much more to this massive country than what is contained in these two centers.

Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure

NPR’s recent special “Russia By Rail” seeks to document the lives of Russians outside of the major city centers, where hundreds of different ethnicities and identities are joined together by a unique past. NPR’s jounalists traveled the full length of the Trans-Siberian Railway, from Moscow to Vladivastok (6000 miles), capturing candid photos of Sibera and honest interviews with the Russian people.

Yaroslavl Station in Moscow

[Picture credited to Jim Linwood]

Complete with slideshows and audio reports, the “Russia By Rail” projects shows us a piece of Russia’s history, and documents what the Russian people hope to see in the future of their country. Check out the stunning “Russia By Rail” collection to get a glimpse of what Russian culture and Russian people are like outside of the major centers.