About ForeignIQ

What We Do

We take the foreign out of foreign travel.

Our mission is to help you have more productive and enjoyable international trips – to be a smarter traveler. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we offer you tools to learn all the elements you need: customs, language, environment and everything in between.

You probably already have a travel guide, but that is not enough. We want to be your aide – someone who helps you understand what is going on, how things work, and what do you need to do (and not to do) when you are there.

Who We Are

We love this stuff. We are passionate travelers who like to talk, explore, listen and learn.

From France to Turkey, from Brazil to Japan, we’ve been utterly baffled, impressed, and delighted by the strange things that happen in faraway lands. We’ve made friends. We’ve made fools of ourselves. We’ve made sense of confusing situations. And now we’re making this knowledge available for smart travelers who want to do it better.

We’re pretty geeky, too. We’re into serious games, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, text analytics, HCI, anthropology, intelligent tutoring systems and pedagogy.