What the French Are Saying About Americans

The differences in French culture vs. American culture leads to stereotypes on both sides. We may be falling a little bit into the old clichés here, but a lot of French people may have those stereotypes in mind – consciously or unconsciously – when meeting Americans. What better way to break them than actually being aware of them…

  • The first one, you probably know already: Americans are loud!
  • Second, they eat fast food all the time and don’t know what real ‘Cuisine’ is all about. They just don’t know how to eat properly.
  • Third, in America, you’re either very poor or very rich. If you’re traveling in France, what category do you fall into?… The loaded one of course! That means you tip really well!
  • Fourth, Americans are not good at learning languages. You can’t expect them to speak French.
  • Finally, Americans are superficial and smile all the time.

The American Dream seen by the French

While it’s true that the French tend to be very critical of the American culture, America still makes people dream. Hollywood movies paint a very appealing portrait of the country. A lot of young ambitious people are, if not fascinated, at least attracted by the US.

So even though there is some anti-Americanism in France, many young businessmen see America as an opportunity rather than the opposition. Do what you can to destroy those negative stereotypes and be the best ambassador of your country. Start by learning French!

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