How To Be French

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “Je ne sais quoi”… In French: “I don’t know what.” It seems pretty insignificant at first, until you see it printed on T-shirts, and you hear it used as some kind of magical/undefined quality a person may have.

A certain “je ne sais quoi”

French women are often seen by their American counterparts as having a certain “je ne sais quoi.” A book called “Bonjour Happiness” was even written by Jamie Cat Callen on this very topic!

In the book, Jamie, an American lady, explains how she learned so much from observing her French grandmother: how to get dressed with taste, how to be sophisticated, how to enjoy each meal of the day and so on… in short, how to have “joie de vivre” or the joy of living!

We’re talking about a lady here, but don’t French men have that same “je ne sais quoi” quality? Oh yeah! They will make the hearts of American girls melt in no time. Just be prepared… your trip to France may very well change your life!

If you’re interested in reading Bonjour Happiness, you can get the book here.