Month: April 2012

  • Top 4 Spanish Getaway Destinations

    Top 4 Spanish Getaway Destinations

    Mention of Spain conjures up images of bullfights, flamenco dancing, and sangria on hot, sandy beaches. These descriptions may hold true if you are headed to Andalusia in southern Spain, but the rest of the country’s regions have a vast variety of cultures, food, drink, and even language– particularly when it comes to these top…

  • Top 6 South Korea Travel Tips

    Top 6 South Korea Travel Tips

    So you’re going to South Korea for the first time, and your friends are asking you “Is that the good one or the bad one?” Tell them not to worry! South Korea is a sprawling, developed democracy and a key ally to the United States– South Korea is the good guy. But before you go…

  • Corner Store Gourmet

    Trying to find typical Russian food in Russia? Don’t look in restaurants or supermarkets. Corner stores, delis, and bakeries are the best place to go for delicious (and cheap) Russian food.

  • To Inhale and To Imbibe

    Aside from major public transportation and restricted public spaces such as an elevator or a library, it’s a pure luxury to find a place that’s totally smoke free in China.