To Inhale and To Imbibe

Aside from major public transportation and restricted public spaces such as an elevator or a library, it’s a pure luxury to find a place that’s totally smoke free in China.

There’s no “No smoking section”

Trying to find a non-smoking section at a Chinese restaurant? Good luck! The tolerance to smokers and second hand smoke in China is simply astonishing by American standards. You can smoke just about anywhere in China.

Image credited to Ivan Walsh

Don’t be fooled by those “No Smoking” signs in public places, usually, they are just there for the show. Not only do guys like to smoke, nowadays, a lot of girls in China like to be hip and light up as well.

Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Tea

Historically, there are only three things that can help you win friends and influence people in China. And they are cigarettes, alcohol and tea. If you feel comfortable with any one of the three, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you may want to begin cultivating a love of fine teas!