Welcome to ForeignIQ!

We want to take the foreign out of foreign travel.

Foreign travel is wonderful. New places, new people, new foods, new horizons. Foreign travel also changes us. It makes us reconsider what is “normal.” Yet, every single international traveler I’ve met has a story to tell about something that went wrong on their trip.

Perhaps they were unable to communicate effectively. Or they just couldn’t understand what was going on. An international blooper, you might say.

We want to help you avoid these problems so you can have more productive and enjoyable international trips. We will do that by giving you the skills you need to communicate at your destination.

There are lots of travel products that offer information about the local attractions, or who liked or disliked which hotel or restaurant or museum. What we offer is different.

We show you your destination’s culture, language, and environment. We will help you learn how things work, so you can get things done. We will make it fun, fast and effective, so you can learn what you need and enjoy your travels. (That’s what you wanted in the first place.)

We are starting today with our France blog, but there is a lot more to come. Our very cool (and effective) technologies will help you practice the things you need to do – from shopping for clothes to having a business meeting. Interactive content, quizzes, games, and activities will let you practice your skills before you step off the plane and even while you are there. Keep an eye on this space!

I hope you enjoy ForeignIQ.


Andre Valente, Founder and CEO