Video Scavenger Hunt: Streets of Paris

If you wonder what Paris looks like beyond what you have seen in postcards, check out this travel video. See Paris from all sides as a young couple makes its way through a Parisian train station, up the Eiffel Tower and past the Louvre.

As you watch, keep an eye out for:

  • a rented Vélib bike
  • big, bright boulevards
  • l’Arc de Triomphe
  • les Jardins du Trocadéro
  • people traveling “en voiture”

The video is set to the music “Senegal Fast Food” by Malian folk duo Amadou and Mariam. The original music video is chock-full of footage–not of France, but of Senegal. Mali and Senegal were colonies of France until 1960.

Like the young man in the video, thousands of people immigrate to France each year from the former colonies. Since taking office in 2007, President Nicolas Sarkozy has focused on immigration issues.

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