Top Tips for Saving Money in Paris

Like most big cities, Paris isn’t cheap! In fact, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So how can you save money during your trip to France? Just follow these top money saving tips!

Travel for cheap

If you’re in Paris and want to take the metro, ask for a “carnet de tickets” which has 10 tickets at a reduced price. If you intend to stay in the Île-de-France region (or just Paris) for a little while, you can also get an electronic “Carte Navigo,” which can be credited for weekly/monthly/yearly use, for just 16 Euros. A picture ID is required for the Carte Navigo, so make sure you have one on you!

You can also rent bikes for free for 30 minutes, which is usually enough to get from A to B. Ask for the closest “Vélib” station and start cycling away! (This has the added bonus of keeping you in shape!)

Eat a big lunch

Many restaurants have a daily combo lunch menu called “Formule du jour” or “Formule déjeuner” which includes a starter, main course and dessert for a reasonable price.
At the restaurant, don’t hesitate to ask for tap water and bread, it’s free!

Keep an eye out for good exchange rates

When looking to change money, rather than going to the most touristy areas, keep an eye out for a small “bureau de change”. If you’re in Paris, Pigalle has many of those with great exchange rates. Ok– it may be stuck in between 2 sex shops– but you will save money for sure! (Always double check the rates though before going ahead with any transaction.)

Watch for “museum days”

Whenever possible, plan your “museum days”. Be aware that museums are
free the first Sunday of each month and the Louvre is cheaper from 3pm onward.

Shopping is cheaper as an American

If you go shopping in department stores such as Lafayette and LePrintemps, take
your passport with you. Americans are entitled to a tax deduction. Don’t leave the store before making sure you got that sorted out!

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