National Assembly of France

Top 11 French Politicians

Ok guys, let’s start with a fact here… It’s a fact that the French think Americans are badly informed, and know very little about foreign politics. So if you’re going to France to do business, you may want to brush up your knowledge of French politics to prove them wrong. Let’s go for it!

Structure of the French Government

France is democratic republic. The French vote directly for their President who then nominates his/her Prime Minister. Then the Prime Minister nominates the ministers that are going to form the government he’s going to lead. Got it? And to counterbalance the Executive Power embodied by the President, two chambers are in place: The National Assembly and The Senate.

Some sessions at the National Assembly can be pretty hectic! It’s a place of arguments where passions may be unleashed. What a show! Quick travel tip: if you have time, visit the National Assembly building located near the Concord Square in Paris.

National Assembly of France

Top 11 important French politicians

Here is a quick rundown of the top 11 French politicians, and what they are all about!

Nicolas Sarkozy

President of France since 2007. His party is the UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire), right wing. Far from being the most popular president ever (might be the least ever actually!). Married to Italian model/singer Carla Bruni with whom he recently had a child. Planning to run for presidency in the upcoming elections in 2012.

François Fillon

“Premier Ministre” (Prime Minister), also part of the UMP. He’s at the head of M. Sarkozy’s government.

François Hollande

The most serious opponent to M. Sarkozy in the upcoming 2012 elections. He belongs to the Socialist Party, the major left wing party. Former Minister.

Martine Aubry

Former minister and the head of the Socialist Party, left wing. Lost against Holland in the primaries for 2012.

Ségolène Royal

A socialist and former minister, who ran for presidency against Sarkozy in the 2007 elections.

Bernard Accoyer

President of the French National Assembly, UMP, right wing.

Jean-Pierre Bel

President of the Senate, a Socialist. He’s the one who would replace the president in case of death (or resignation) before the end of the presidential mandate.

Marine LePen

Leader of the “Front National”, a far-right wing party. She’s the daughter of the party’s founder, Jean-Marie LePen. This party is currently growing under her leadership and some polls have already established her as the 3rd best candidate for the 2012 presidential elections.

François Bayrou

Former minister and leader of the “Mouvement Démocrate” (the Democratic Movement, a central party), who will also be running in the 2012 presidential elections.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Former Minister and leader of the “Front de Gauche”, a far-left wing party which includes the communists. He will be running for presidency in 2012.

Eva Joly

A Norwegian-born French magistrate and politician who just won the primaries of the Green Party “Europe-Ecologie, Les Verts”, and will also be running for presidency in the 2012 elections.

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