Top 10 Sights in Paris Countdown #9

Let’s continue the wandering tour through narrow winding streets, to the top 10 sights in Paris. The next stop is the elegant and majestic Lady of Paris.

#9 Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris (“Our Lady of Paris”) Cathedral is just a few steps away from the Saint Michel Square. Notre Dame has been standing there for centuries, elegant and majestic, witnessing the daily action, passion, and drama of the French people… She’s still standing, probably to her own surprise, having survived the most dreadful wars! With a bit of imagination you may actually catch a glimpse of Esmeralda dancing around under Quasimodo’s eyes. He’ll be in the cathedral’s tower, stealthily staring at his love. Enjoy the show!

Notre Dame de Paris
[Picture credited to Peter Rivera]

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