Top 10 Sights in Paris Countdown #8

As we continue our tour of the top 10 sights in Paris, we come upon the center of student life in Paris… a great meeting location and the perfect place to relax all in one.

#8 The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter, has a bohemian and artistic vibe which makes it the perfect place to chill. It was once the hub of Roman life and it is now the hub of student life. With La Sorbonne University round the corner, it’s not a big surprise!

La Sorbonne
[Picture credited to Tracie Elaine]

Down the street from the Sorbonne, near the river Seine, stands the imposing Saint Michel Square fountain where everyone likes to meet. Need to give your friend a meeting point in the heart of Paris? There’s your spot! If you wander off into the surrounding little streets, you’ll come across a lot of nice restaurants and bookstores. You may even discover the door to the old jazz club “Le Caveau de la Huchette”. Are you getting an idea of what the Latin Quarter feels like? Then you’re getting a sense of the ‘Rive Gauche’ spirit (‘South of the River Seine’ spirit).

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