The Sounds French Animals Make

One could have thought that animals speak an international language. Guess what? They don’t! Since you’re learning French you gotta learn how French animals sound too. Because if American ducks go “quack quack”, French ducks prefer to emit a more sophisticate nasal sound that goes “coin coin” (practice those nasal sounds right now please!).

Cui cui!


Following the ducks’ example, French birds go “cui cui”, a sound that can only be pronounced by stretching those lips forward as if ready to collect a French kiss… who knows, you might get lucky and encounter the right kind of bird! The French cockerel, the emblem of France, is much less delicate though with its trumpet-like “cocorico” — much less sophisticated that the American “cockadoodledoo”, don’t you think?


As for man’s favorite pets, cats and dogs, they respectively go “miaou miaou” and “ouah! ouah!” in France – hard to tell if their values are higher than those of their American counterparts. It’s up to you to determine when you are visiting France. You should have lots of opportunities to do just that since the French looove their dogs! Just don’t step in the wrong place to figure out what the truth actually is, or that truth may very well stink!

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