Russian Extreme Sports

It’s true that some of the best athletes in the world come from Russia. Russia comes in at a close second (only to the US) in recent Olympic medal counts, including gold medal count. But what about extreme sports? Yep, Russia’s got that covered too!


From wild freerunning stunts across crumbling Soviet architecture, to fun skateboarding tricks in the capital city, Russia’s extreme sports athletes seem to have no fear! Check out this awesome video of BMX tricks in Moscow for one example of hot stunts in front of cool architecture:

While you’re watching, keep a look out for the following landmarks:

  • St. George Church near Victory Park
  • The Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Victory Park
  • “Monument to Victory” Obelisk in Victory Park which is 141.8 meters tall (10 centimeters for each day of the war) with St. George and the Dragon at its base
  • An alleyway off of New Arbat Street
  • A monument to Lenin across from the Canon advertisement
  • A bust commemorating the physicist Igor Kurchatov
[Thumbnail picture credited to Mad Wraith]