Learn French and Avoid Misunderstandings

Are you serious about learning the French language? Then you’ll get the chance to learn French culture too. Most people endorse stereotypes like “France is a beautiful country, a shame about its people”. But you have decided to go beyond widespread clichés to understand the real culture in France. Congratulations, you are officially… out of your mind for some, incredibly brave for others!

French Flag

A new way of thinking…

Yes, it’s true that it takes a lot of effort to learn a language. You’ve got to realize that you’re also encompassing a new way of thinking. You get to stretch your brain cells by adopting a new logic.

When learning French, the process will involve accepting the fact that while a man’s button up shirt is a feminine noun (une chemise), a woman’s blouse is masculine (un chemisier), and a boob is not a feminine attribute but a masculine noun (un sein). Possessive adjectives agree with the gender of the noun following them, and not with the gender of the person to which the object belongs. In English, one word is enough to say “please”, in French you it takes not one but three magic words to say please (s’il vous plaît).

Have fun with it!

Don’t get frustrated already! It’s only the beginning… Enjoy the process and dive into the recesses of this intricate language and culture. Remember that you’re contributing to creating more harmony and reducing cultural misunderstandings worldwide. It’s a beautiful endeavor! And you’ll see that the French are not such mystery after all! Isn’t that some powerful motivation to actually speak French?

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