In Contact with Vkontakte

Vkontakte, the Russian networking site and Facebook equivalent, complete with chat, video upload, and browser games, has recently reached over one hundred million users. It’s a great way to keep in touch with Russian friends, and to work on your Russian!

Facebook vs Vkontakte

Although Facebook is becoming more popular in Russia, Vkontakte is still the best way to keep in touch with young people in Russia. After all, it’s got many of the same features, and a huge Russian community. Head on over to www.vkontakte.ru to check it out!


Browsing Russian websites is one of the best ways to enhance your Russian skills. As you’re checking out Vkontakte’s website, see if you can work out the meaning of these words:

  • setevoi proekt (сетевой проект)
  • obshchat’sya (общаться)
  • sovremennyi (современный)
  • russkoyazychnyi (русскоязычный)
  • press-sluzhba (пресс-служба)
  • logotip (логотип)

Propaganda Psyche

Make sure to browse through the “about” and “blog” sections of the website as well, and don’t miss the special language option within “V Soyuze (В Союзе)” (In the Soviet Union), for Vkontakte’s hilarious take on the propaganda-style speech of the Soviet Union!