French Strikes

You are getting ready to go to a country where people didn’t hesitate to cut their beloved king’s head. “Vive la Révolution” (Long live Revolution) they’d chant. What’s left of that historical time? Surely some of its spirit.

Strike! Strike!

When the French are not happy, they moan, they complain, they start complaining louder, take on the streets and demonstrate. They stop working, they create a mess, and when they’re tired of it or occasionally when they get what they want, they go back to work.

French Firemen on Strike

It’s all part of the experience

So you need to be aware that when traveling to France, the French may very well STRIKE!! What can one do when there is no train, no plane, no post office, and when the streets fill up with tons of people? Hide in a corner and hold you head tight? No, that shouldn’t be necessary.

Just enjoy the cultural experience. Don’t try to go anywhere, just take advantage of a day of leisure. Alternatively you can join the crowd and try to embrace the revolutionary spirit! Or not… up to you! Just make sure you don’t end up frustrated, tired and angry… because guess what… Nobody will care AND it’s not going to change anything! Lucky you, experiencing a strike in France first hand!

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