Fitting In Fashionably in France – Part 3

It’s no secret that French women are fashionable. Baseball caps and sneakers are not only out of style, but will peg you right away as a tourist. If you want to fit in and stay fashionable, keep these top tips in mind when packing for your trip to France. In this last part of our series, Jennifer covers outerwear. Here’s her top advice.


If visiting France in the wintertime you will need a coat. A very heavy coat. Make sure yours is not only warm but also stylish. The luxury is in the details: a faux fur or shearling lining, for example, or a high collar.

  • Travel Tip: If your coat is very heavy make sure you layer your clothes underneath. Buildings are heated generously in France and you don’t want to overheat once inside.
Image credited to Alex Proimos

[Picture credited to Alex Proimos]

Spring and Fall

For spring and fall a trench coat is an absolute must. A lightweight trench is perfect for dodging unexpected rain showers and can look oh so chic when belted at the waist (although don’t actually use the belt and buckle, just tie it in a haphazard knot– it looks more carefree and romantic). Don’t forget to pop the collar and roll up the sleeves slightly.


Summer weather in France varies by region, and can still be chilly, particularly in the evening. For summertime a lightweight blazer is a great idea to have on hand in case the warm day turns into a brisk evening. Lightweight cashmere cardigans are also a must as they can be carried in your handbag during the day and worn over your shoulder or casually buttoned as you move into twilight.

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