Fitting In Fashionably in France – Part 2

It’s no secret that French women are fashionable. Baseball caps and sneakers are not only out of style, but will peg you right away as a tourist. If you want to fit in and stay fashionable, keep these top tips in mind when packing for your trip to France. Today, Jennifer covers clothing and accessories! Here’s her top advice.


Most people panic in this department and pack too much. Being overburdened with too much luggage is so not chic. You do not need to be a fashion plate, just be comfortable in your own skin and clothing. Choose a smartly planned 10 item wardrobe that corresponds with the season. French people are not fussed about wearing the same thing twice (if not three or four times) in a row so don’t worry about impressing with a new outfit every day.

A pair of high end slacks and jeans, three or four blouses (depending on the length of your stay), two dresses and a skirt should serve you well. Remember these outfits will be enhanced with your choice of outerwear (blazers, coats, etc.) and accessories.

  • Travel Tip: Don’t panic and don’t over pack. Exude confidence and you will wear your clothes, rather than have your clothes wear you.

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Great accessories add style and panache to your look but avoid going overboard with embellishments. A voluminous scarf, artistically tied, adds drama to any outfit and is so very French. Jewelry is typically understated, yet high end. If you go for a statement piece, be sure that your outfit is neutral to showcase the jewelry. A quality handbag is a must.

  • Travel tip: In France, always choose classic over trendy!

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