Fitting In Fashionably in France – Part 1

It’s no secret that French women are fashionable. Baseball caps and sneakers are not only out of style, but will peg you right away as a tourist. If you want to fit in and stay fashionable, keep these top tips in mind when packing for your trip to France. Today, on Foreign IQ, Jennifer covers one of the most beloved of all women’s clothing articles… shoes! Here’s her top advice.

Prepare to walk

You will most likely do a lot of walking in France. For special occasions like attending the opera, theatre or a special dinner, heels are a must. But for everyday walking, flats are the way to go. (Not yet convinced? Just picture all of those cobblestone streets!) Make sure your flats are comfortable and stylish. Gym shoes are not appropriate anywhere outside of the gym.

The chic alternative

Ballet flats are très chic and look fab with almost any daytime ensemble. Buttery suede driving loafers are also lovely choices. They’re great in fun, unexpected colors– lime green or navy, for example. If you need a shoe with more support try a ballet sneaker, which has the comfort of a sneaker with the look of a ballet flat. (One superb flat shoe maker is London Sole– everything they have is divine).

[Picture credited to skyepeale]

If you are particularly terrified of being on your feet all day in uncomfortable shoes, make sure you wear them in before going to France. Never wear a new pair of shoes out all day long or you may never want to walk again!

If you have medical concerns and need to wear an orthotic or other insert, buy your shoes a size or two up, make sure the orthotic fits and you are ready to go. Sandals are lovely in the summertime– just make sure your pedicure is up to par. Boots are fabulous in the fall.

  • Travel tip: Just remember, no tennis shoes and no rubber flip flops! Think high-end.

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