Month: October 2011

  • Getting connected on the go in Russia

    If you’re staying in Russia for longer than a week, you’re probably going to want phone or mobile Internet service (or both). Setting these up in Russia has gotten a lot easier in the last few years, but there are still a few things to note about the way Russia does phone/Internet service.

  • 5 Minutes to Get Excited About Taipei

    You’re going to travel to Taipei. Plane tickets purchased, hotel rooms booked, Do’s and Dont’s memorized. But are you excited yet? If not, you’ll be pumped after watching this video of Taipei from film artist Salvo Severino.

  • Serge Gainsbourg Would Totally Hate This Sing-Along

    Singing is a great way to improve your accent. That’s because there’s more to accent than just your pronunciation. Inflection – the rising and falling pitches of the voice – also has a big impact on accent. In other words, don’t worry if you can’t roll your “R”s. Rhythm and pitch are more important.

    I know you can see it coming. Time for a sing-along.

  • Effective way to learn Chinese characters

    Effective way to learn Chinese characters

    If you are serious about learning Chinese, you already know that you’re in for a big challenge. Students of Chinese need to learn about 1,500 characters to be able to read the newspaper. Writing holds a high place in Chinese culture, which puts an emphasis not only on the shape of the character but also on the stroke order for each line. That’s a serious undertaking!

  • Taiwanese Night Markets

    Night markets (夜市, ye4 shi4) are an essential part of Taiwanese culture. When visiting one of the many night markets, expect to experience a huge mix of Taiwan culture and people, all in one place. These are groups of stalls set up to sell food, drinks, clothing, and other random items, and though a few are permanent, most are set up on streets that are used normally during the day.

  • Nightlife in Taiwan

    Because weather in Taiwan in the summer is generally very hot, many people go out at night, when it’s cooler and a little less humid. This is also a great time for tourists to go out and explore the city, but being in a strange country at night can often be intimidating, and it’s better to know where you want to go and what you want to do before venturing out after dark. Here’s a sneak peek and a few words to the wise.